The 10 Things Preschoolers love at Disney World.

My family and I took another Disney World Vacation in June. I have always been a huge fan of Disney and it always makes me sad when I hear about friends vacations at Disney that were anything less than completely magical. Disney World is not the vacation that you can just go without planning some. If you truly want to enjoy your trip you have to take some time reading, scheduling and planning. I also have 3 children, and if you have kids you know that “winging” it with 3 kids usually doesn’t go well. Ha! 😳  I love planning for Disney World and so I’ve came up with a list of things I feel are some of the best activities with preschoolers at Disney.

  1. The Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom- This was my middle daughter’s (who is four) very favorite thing at Disney. It was fun, energetic and interactive. The  actors get the audience involved right from the start and then you get to see acrobats, people dancing with fire, amazing dancers and singers. This show is a definite must see.
  2. Mickey’s Backyard BBQ located at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds- We stayed at Fort Wilderness this past time and will most definitely stay there from now on, but that is for a different post. Lol   Knowing we were staying there, I made reservations for this character dining experience. To say the kids had fun would be an understatement. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale were there. They danced with the kids while a country band played on stage. After dancing for awhile, they left to form lines for autographs and a Cowboy came and did an amazing performance of lasso tricks. According to my children, they loved the lasso tricks even more than Mickey and Minnie being there. They didn’t even want to stand in line for autographs, they stayed and watched the cowboy. Overall, it was one of our very favorite dining experiences during this visit. Akershus Royal Banquet in Epcot- This was another favorite character dining experiences. If you are like me and cry like a baby when you watch kids have fun, then grab the tissues. I chose this dinner specifically for the girls, but Tennison ended up having fun too. You need to get reservations for this because they do fill up fast. When they announce you to walk in (bringing their best Disney A game theatrics of course) you are escorted to meet the first princess of the evening. In our case, we met Belle (my favorite!!). After pictures and autograph signing you are escorted to your table and may begin getting salads from a salad bar. Wait staff will come around and get your order for dinner. Meanwhile the Princesses will come out and start walking around to each table. At one point they did a grande march around the restaurant and the little princesses were able to join in. (Tears were flowing while I watched my daughter’s lead in front with Ariel around the room..😍 I instantly became “that mom” yikes 😳) the girls were treated like royalty while my son ended up hugging all the princesses… typical boy. It was an A+ experience. The best part was we met 5 princesses that night in one stop. Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White were all there. Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique in Magic Kingdom- We were bringing a just turned 5 and an about to turn 4 year old girls to Disney World, in my opinion this is the best age to do Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique. Granted, my almost 4 year old did not want to wear her dress because it was too itchy and hot… then she wanted it on…then she wanted it off… you know how it goes I’m sure. But, besides that, this was great. The girls chose 2 different hair styles and were able to sit side by side. We just chose the basic package (because it is pretty expensive especially when you are paying for two). In that package though they got their hair done, nails painted and make up put on by their own fairy godmothers. It was precious. They were able to keep all of the stuff they used plus they got a sash and backpack to keep it all in. I don’t think we would do this every time we go, but it was definitely a must do at least once. Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom- This is one of my personal favorites as an adult as well as it was one of our children’s favorites. You get in a jeep and your guide takes you on a tour through the “African Savannah”. I read once that the animals come out more often early in the morning, so every time we have gone we do this first thing when we get there. I have always seen lots of animals at this time, but have no other time to compare it to because we always do it first! You see so many animals including giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles and so many more. It is a favorite in our book and it definitely makes the top 10 list for us.
  3. Enchanted Tales with Belle- This year was the first time we had been able to do this, it’s fairly new to the park. However, it is one of my new favorite things! Talk about interactive, this experience includes all the kids and some adults right in to the storyline! You meet Belle and with the help of Lumiere you help tell the story of Beauty and the Beast. The kids hold character signs and act out the story. It was amazing. Frozen Sing Along at Hollywood Studios- This show at Hollywood Studios was great. Of course my kids, and the whole audience, knew all of the songs by heart already and it was so fun to hear everyone singing along. The story tellers were funny and kept the crowd entertained and at the end you get to see Elsa who sings Let it go and makes it snow inside. My children were super impressed by the snow inside and it also was a nice break from the hot Florida sun outside!
  4. Affection Section in Animal Kingdom- This may not be for everyone, but if you are an animal lover then there is a cute little petting zoo area in Animal Kingdom. I actually didn’t know about it at first because you take a train to get over there. However, if you enjoy petting farm animals then this is a stop for you. Lol
  5. Casey Junior Splash Area in Magic Kingdom- I rank this in here because it is a great cool down, chill out activity. With so much to do at Disney World you tend to just go, go, go. For the little ones this gets tough. My younger kids played in this splash area while we waited on our oldest daughter and dad to go on the Barnstormer. They loved all the water shooting out and my son loved it because he’s obsessed with trains. They cooled down and had fun and it was worth the wet clothes. (I packed extra clothes in our bag in case their clothes got wet… and they didn’t get wet, they were soaked… so we were glad to have them!)
  6. Electric Parade at the Magic Kingdom- now, after a long day usually you just want to get the kids in bed so you can get in bed too… however, at least one night stay up late enough to see the electric parade at the Magic Kingdom. Disney Parades are nothing short of amazing and this is no exception. It’s beautiful, fun and exciting. I would highly reccomend on bringing something for your kids to do while you wait on it to start however, because people start lining up super early for this so if you don’t get there a little early you won’t be able to see it. I packed bubbles for my kids and light up toys I brought from home. There are so many awesome things to do there that I didn’t even mention in this post. There are plenty of family friendly rides and so many more restaurants and activities. Disney World is one of our favorite vacation spots because there’s something different to do every time you go.

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