When Epcot’s Spaceship Earth isn’t the only large round object at Disney World..aka: Tips for the Pregnant girls 😉

Aww… the joys of motherhood… am I right? That tiny baby.. just starting out, a new gift to the world. That’s some beautiful stuff right there… (well… mostly anyway). Being pregnant has its perks… thicker hair, pretty nails…the baby itself. However, for those of us that like to keep it real… there’s a lot of other stuff, not so beautiful, that goes with it as well. Then, add a vacation in the Florida heat where you walk 10X more than normal. Well… let’s just say, you’ve got the main ingredients for a very painful trip… for everyone lol. So, here’s some tips from my own personal experience of being pregnant at Disney World. The what to do’s and more importantly, the what NOT to do’s!

Do: Stay hydrated.

This is obvious I’m sure, but as a mother we tend to worry about everyone else and forget about ourselves. You pack the drinks for the kids, but forget your own. The good news is, Disney offers free tap water at the park. If you do forget, go get some water. There are plenty of beverage carts and restaurants located around all of the parks as well. It is really so important to stay hydrated… Which brings me to my next point.

Don’t: stand up on the buses.

It is questionable parenting at the least to not have your older children offer their seat on the bus to an elderly person or pregnant lady. Those buses get really crowded pretty fast so you are often crammed in there. If you do have older children, maybe make a note to remind them that it is excellent manners to give up their seat for someone who may need it more. But I digress… what can happen on that bus is that your legs kind of lock in place while standing. I probably didn’t drink enough water, and traveling all day the day before on a plane took a toll on me. I was standing, holding on to a pole while my daughter stood on the side of a seat holding on to a pole while I held her so she wouldn’t fall. I felt it coming… that feeling of in and out of darkness… and I fell in middle of the bus. Completely passed out… while my daughter is hanging on to a pole like a stripper… 🤦🏼‍♀️ everyone gasped and of course NOW they offer their seat lol. I was fine in the end, but the moral of the story is: give those poor pregnant girls your seat if possible, drink enough water and don’t be afraid to be kind of pushy about getting to sit down. Lol

Do: Take breaks from time to time.

I hate slowing down… I like to stay busy. But just remember, your body is growing a human. That is kind of a big deal. You need to pay attention to your body and notice when you need to take a break. It’s okay to slow down occasionally and do something easy. Example: let your kids play at the Casey Junior Splash area while you sit and watch. Every resort has playgrounds, let them go play. Let them run through the Boneyard at Animal Kingdom. Even just sit and relax during a show. You can still have a lot of fun while giving yourself a break.

Don’t: Forget your bathing suit.

Yea we know that when you look in the mirror while wearing your bathing suit, all you can do is laugh so you don’t cry. There’s a lot going on inside that thing lol. But don’t let that be the reason you don’t partake in the swimming fun. For one thing, no one cares what you look like except for you. You look fine. I don’t know you, but I know you look just fine. The great part about being pregnant is you have the best excuse ever… “don’t judge me, I’m creating life”. Really… I could go on a rant about self love and how every woman is beautiful… but I’ll spare you (but real quick… love yourself because you are beautiful 😉).

Also, your kids want you to play with them. They don’t care about your stretch marks or how your boobs barely fit in your top… they just want to play with you. So get in and play.

One more thing on this topic, the water feels so nice on your aching joints. Walking around so much really can make you uncomfortable, so get in and let your body enjoy the feeling of being weightless in the relaxing cool water.

Do: take this time to try all the desserts.

Self explanatory… remember earlier how I said you have the ultimate excuse?! Well… “don’t judge me, I’m creating life” works for this one too. As a matter of fact, use that in any and all circumstances because being pregnant sometimes sucks… so you have to grab those perks while you can! Lol

Do: Use your Disney World app to scout out the nearest bathrooms.

When you’re walking around and that baby is just sitting on your bladder, situations can turn into emergencies quickly. Good news is, there’s usually a bathroom nearby. The Disney World app has a section labeled “restrooms” at the top when you scroll to the right. It will show you where all of the bathrooms are located. Extra tip: Maybe learn to take a bathroom break before getting into ride lines as well.

Do: take the trip.

Being pregnant isn’t always fun, but Disney is the best at pampering. Disney World is equipped for all customers and their needs. If you need anything, just ask a cast member. They will ensure that you are taken care of. Their customer service is unlike any other. So, go on the trip anyway. As with anything, you should follow your doctors orders. So I would talk to my doctor first before making big plans. As long as they give you the go ahead, then do it! You will still have a great time. Just remember to take care of yourself while you are there. You’ve got a big job to do!

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